Town of Aurora Council has approved a $72.1 million 2012 budget that includes $22.3 million to build and maintain roads, water lines and other infrastructure and $49.8 million to operate Town of Aurora programs and services.

The 2012 Town of Aurora budget includes a 4.77 per cent increase to the local municipal tax levy.

The 2012 Town of Aurora draft budget was originally tabled on November 7, 2021 with a proposed tax levy increase of 6.2 per cent or $1.87 million. Following nine dedicated budget review meetings with members of Town Council, the levy increase was reduced by $429,000 to $1.43 million, resulting in the approved 4.77 per cent.

The tax impact for commercial and industrial property owners including the combined impacts of the Regional Municipality of York, the school board and the Town's taxes are estimated to be just less than 1.4 per cent.

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