Congratulations to Carolyn Metcalfe, winner of the Town of Aurora's Youth Design Contest! Carolyn is a grade 8 student here in Aurora who shared her artistic vision for Aurora in the year 2031. The Youth Design Contest was promoted in schools, town programs, online, and in the media as part of the Town's ongoing Strategic Plan consultations.

Carolyn's future vision for Aurora included many unique and thought-provoking elements. Among those included in her computer-generated submission were:

  • Aurora Monorail & bike lanes (representing rapid transit & alternative transportation)
  • Aurora Museum & Aurora Observatory (representing heritage and culture)
  • City of Aurora welcome sign (representing growth from a present-day Town)
  • A new high density Town/City Hall with solar panels (representing compact urban design and green building)
  • Noticeboards promoting local events and ?eco' messages (representing innovative ways to communicate with citizens)
  • And front and centre, a huge domed 3D theatre (what youth wouldn't be excited for such a cool local spot to meet up with friends for entertainment?)

For her efforts, Carolyn has been awarded a certificate of recognition and a brand new iPad 2. Congrats again Carolyn!