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Aurora, Ontario
Town of Aurora, Ontario
Utility costs represent a major expenditure on the part of both residents and businesses in a municipality. Aurora's rates for both water/sewer and electricity costs are comparatively low for all classes of properties relative to other jurisdictions in Southern Ontario.
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Aurora Utilities


Natural Gas Providers

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Rate 6-Commercial and Industrial Customers

To any Applicant needing to use the Company's natural gas distribution network to have transported a supply of natural gas to a single terminal location (Terminal Location) for non-residential purposes.

Charges Rate: 01-Apr-18 (effective date)
Total Gas Supply Charge 9.4665
Delivery, First: 500 10.35 /m3
Next 1,050 8.2392 /m3
Next 4,500 6.7611 /m3
Next 7,000 5.8114 /m3
Next 15,250 5.3894 /m3
All over 28,300 5.2834 /m3
Delivery Price Adjustment (all volumes) 0.0000
Monthly Charge 70
Additional Items Cap and Trade (included in Delivery to You on the bill) 3.3518 /m
Source: www.enbridgegas.com

Water Providers

Availability Yes Name of Provider The Region of York
Rated Capacity (cu.m.) Major Source 3 Sources.-Underground Aquifer water and 2 feeds, 1 from Toronto and 1 from the Region of Peel
Average Daily Demand (cu.m.) Plant (if more than one) The Region owns and operates 6 production wells in the Town of Aurora
Peak Demand (cu.m.)    
Effective Date $ 1.4359 per cubic meter    
Flat Water Rate $ 135.00 per 3 month period    
Cost per cu.m. of Water $ 2.5586 per cubic meter    
Other Water Fees $ 225.00 per meter for a 1 inch service to property line (average cost)    
Water Connection Fee $ 750.00    

Sewer Providers

Average daily demand (cu.m.) Name of Sewage Provider Region of York sewer Pumping Stations
Peak demand (cu.m.) Type of Service Sanitary Sewer Collection System
Effective Date    
Flat Rate Charge $ 105.00 per 3 month period    
Flat Rate As A % of Total Water Rate    
Cost per cu.m. of Water $ 1.1227 per cubic meter of water used    
Sewer Connection Fee $ 750.00    
Other Sewer Fees    

Landfill Sites

York Region Waste Transfer Station Transfer Station
    23068 Warden Ave
Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am - 5pm

Town of Aurora